Kathy Everett Consulting


Kathy Everett Consulting is an independent educational consulting agency available to assist parents, students, and education systems in all aspects of education.  As an independent educational consultant, we can assist you in a myriad of ways:

¬Advocacy for the child at meetings

¬Determining the needs of the child and how a school can fulfill the needs

¬Review IEPs, make recommendations and follow through with parents and school administrators to ensure IEP is being implemented

¬Attend IEP, as needed or provide guidance to your prior to or after your IEP

¬Provide training/seminars to parents, parent groups, and school districts on effective communication, IEPs, LRE, co-teaching or other programs tailored to your need

¬Provide disability awareness programs



Let us help you...

Education is a lifelong process; everyone can learn.